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Title: One-Dimensional Lagrangian Code for Plasma Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Fusion Pellet Driven by Ion Beams.

Version 00 The MEDUSA-IB code performs implosion and thermonuclear burn calculations of an ion beam driven ICF target, based on one-dimensional plasma hydrodynamics and transport theory. It can calculate the following values in spherical geometry through the progress of implosion and fuel burnup of a multi-layered target. (1) Hydrodynamic velocities, density, ion, electron and radiation temperature, radiation energy density, Rs and burn rate of target as a function of coordinates and time, (2) Fusion gain as a function of time, (3) Ionization degree, (4) Temperature dependent ion beam energy deposition, (5) Radiation, -particle and neutron spectra as a function of time.
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Owner Installation: UNIV OF TOKYO Contributors: University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan. MEDUSA-IB code is based on the one-dimensional Lagrangian hydrodynamic code MEDUSA for implosion and thermonuclear burn calculations. Collision probability method is used to solve neutron transport. The subroutines for this process has been taken from the MEDUSA-PIJ (CCC-349) code. The variable Eddington method is adopted to solve the multigroup radiation transport. The particle tracking method is used to solve both ion beam and -particle transport. These transport processes can be considered only in spherical geometry. Implosion and thermonuclear burn calculations are carried out by performing these processes with controlled time steps. KEYWORDS: CTR; HYDRONAMICS; BURNUP
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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United States

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