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Title: Reactivity Transients in Nuclear Research Reactors

Version 01 AIREMOD-RR is a point kinetics code which can simulate fast transients in nuclear research reactor cores. It can also be used for theoretical reactor dynamics studies. It is used for research reactor kinetic analysis and provides a point neutron kinetic capability. The thermal hydraulic behavior is governed by a one-dimensional heat balance equation. The calculations are restricted to a single equivalent unit cell which consists of fuel, clad and coolant.
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Owner Installation: Centre de Radioprotection et Surete (C.R.S.) Contributors: Centre de Radioprotection et Surete (C.R.S.), B.P. 1017 Alger Gare, Alger 16000, Algeria and Centre de developpement des Systemes Energetiques (C.D.S.E.), B.P. 180 Ain-Oussara, 17200, Djelfa, Algeria through the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. For transient reactor kinetic calculations a modified Runge Kutta numerical method is used. The external reactivity insertion, specified as a function of time, is converted in dollar ($) unit. The neutron density, energy release and feedback variables are given at each time step. The two types of reactivity feedback considered are: Doppler effect and moderator effect. A new expression for the reactivity dependence on the feedback variables has been introduced in the present version of the code. The feedback reactivities are fitted in power series expression. KEYWORDS: LOSS-OF-COOLANT ACCIDENT, REACTOR KINETICS
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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Not Specified
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United States

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