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Version 00 COG LibMaker contains various utilities to convert common data formats into a format usable by the COG - Multi-particle Monte Carlo Code System package, (C00777MNYCP01). Utilities included: ACEtoCOG - ACE formatted neutron data: Currently ENDFB7R0.BNL, ENDFB7R1.BNL, JEFF3.1, JEFF3.1.1, JEFF3.1.2, MCNP.50c, MCNP.51c, MCNP.55c, MCNP.66c, and MCNP.70c. ACEUtoCOG - ACEU formatted photonuclear data: Currently PN.MCNP.30c and PN.MCNP.70u. ACTLtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ENDL formatted activation data COG library. EDDLtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ENDL formatted LLNL deuteron data. ENDLtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ENDL formatted LLNL neutron data. EPDLtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ENDL formatted LLNL photon data. LEX - Creates a COG dictionary file. SAB.ACEtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ACE formatted S(a,b) data. SABtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ENDF6 formatted S(a,b) data. URRtoCOG - Creates a COG library from ACE formatted probability table data. This package also includes library checking and bit swapping capability.
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COG LibMaker; 004584MLTPL00
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Owner Installation: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory DirectorateContributors: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California, USA Creates COG compatible library files from existing data files. KEYWORDS: DATA CHECKING; DATA PROCESSING, SPECTRA; DATA PROCESSING, UTILITY
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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Not Specified
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United States

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