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Title: ECIS-12, Coupled Channel, Statistical Model, Schroedinger and Dirac Equation, Dispersion Relation

Version 00 The ECIS code has been developed over a period of more the fifteen years, and several earlier versions exist. The statistical model part is based on ANLECIS, developed by P. Moldauer. There is no new formal report for ECIS06, but there is a "how to use" feature integrated into the program. See Abstract for more detailed information.
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ECIS-12; 004593MLTPL00
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Owner Installation: Service de Physique Theorique Contributors: Service de Physique Theorique, Laboratoire de la Direction des Sciences de la Matiere du Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, CE-Saclay, F-91190 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX, France through the Nuclear Energy Agency Data Bank, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. The ECIS method is designed to solve sets of coupled differential equations when the coupling terms are not too strong. The iteration technique searches for the one required solution among the many which are mathematically possible. The method supposes some ordering of the channels: first the ground state, then the state most strongly coupled to it. All channels must be coupled to some preceding one. The result of each iteration depends on this chosen order. If there is more than one equation related to the ground state the whole calculation must be repeated. The efficiency of the method is proportional to the ratio of the total number of equations to the number of those related to the ground state. The usual methods can also be used, but the iteration method is compulsory for spin-orbit deformation and Dirac formalism. KEYWORDS: NUCLEAR MODELS; DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS SOLVING; WORKSTATION; MICROCOMPUTER.
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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Not Specified
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United States

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