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Title: Pre-Processing Code System for Data in ENDF/B Format.

Version 08 PREPRO2015-2 is a modular set of computer codes, each of which reads evaluated nuclear data in the ENDF/B format, processes the data and outputs it in the ENDF/B format. Each code performs one or more independent operations on the data. The codes are named "the pre-processing" codes, because they are designed to pre process ENDF/B data, for later, further processing for use in applications. These codes are designed to operate on virtually any type of computer with the included capability of optimization on any given computer. They can process datasets in any ENDF/B format, ENDF/B-I through ENDF/B-VII. This package containes updated content. Additional information is available on the PREPRO website:
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PREPRO2012; 004357WKSTN00
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Owner Installation: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Contributors: International Atomic Energy Agency, Nuclear Data Center, Vienna, Austria. Each of the PREPRO2015-2 modules performs a different function on ENDF/B data files. A brief description of how the codes are used is listed below: Endf2c ‑ Convert ENDF data to FORTRAN, C and C++, compatible form Linear ‑ Linearize cross sections Recent‑ Reconstruct cross sections from resonance parameters Sigma1‑ Doppler broaden cross sections Activate ‑ generate activation cross sections (MF=10) from MF=3 and 9 data Legend ‑ Calculate/correct angular distributions Sixpak ‑ Convert double differential data (MF6) to single differential Spectra - Convert model and general tabulation to linearized spectra (MF=5) Fixup ‑ Correct format and cross sections, define by summation Dictin ‑ Create reaction dictionary (MF=1, MT=451) Merger ‑ Retrieve and/or Merge evaluated data Groupie ‑ Calculate group averages and multi‑band parameters Complot ‑ Plot comparisons of cross sections (MF=3, 23), Comhard for hardcopy Evalplot ‑ Plot evaluated data (MF=3, 4, 5, 23, 27), Evalhard for hardcopy Mixer ‑ Calculate mixtures of cross sections Virgin ‑ Calculate transmitted uncollided (virgin) flux and reactions Convert ‑ Convert codes for computer/precision/compiler Relabel ‑ Relabel and sequence programs KEYWORDS: ENDF/B FORMAT; MULTIGROUP CROSS SECTION PROCESSING; PLOTTING; WORKSTATION
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Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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United States

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