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Title: Arrowland v1.0

"Arrowland" is a web-based software application primarily for mapping, integrating and visualizing a variety of metabolism data of living organisms, including but not limited to metabolomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and fluxomics. This software application makes multi-omics data analysis intuitive and interactive. It improves data sharing and communication by enabling users to visualize their omics data using a web browser (on a PC or mobile device). It increases user's productivity by simplifying multi-omics data analysis using well developed maps as a guide. Users using this tool can gain insights into their data sets that would be difficult or even impossible to tease out by looking at raw number, or using their currently existing toolchains to generate static single-use maps. Arrowland helps users save time by visualizing relative changes in different conditions or over time, and helps users to produce more significant insights faster. Preexisting maps decrease the learning curve for beginners in the omics field. Sets of multi-omics data are presented in the browser, as a two-dimensional flowchart resembling a map, with varying levels of detail information, based on the scaling of the map. Users can pan and zoom to explore different maps, compare maps, upload their own research data sets ontomore » desired maps, alter map appearance in ways that facilitate interpretation, visualization and analysis of the given data, and export data, reports and actionable items to help the user initiative.« less
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Arrowland; 004852MLTPL00
R&D Project: KP1601050; 2016-102
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LBNL reserves the right to distribute the software
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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
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United States

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