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Title: {beta} decay of 129Cd and excited states in 129In

The β decay of Cd 129 , produced in the relativistic fission of a U 238 beam, was experimentally studied at the RIBF facility at the RIKEN Nishina Center. From the γ radiation emitted after the β decays, a level scheme of In 129 was established comprising 31 excited states and 69 γ -ray transitions. The experimentally determined level energies are compared to state-of-the-art shell-model calculations. The half-lives of the two β -decaying states in Cd 129 were deduced and the β feeding to excited states in In 129 were analyzed. It is found that, as in most cases in the Z<50 , N≤82 region, both decays are dominated by the ν0g 7/2 →π0g 9/2 Gamow–Teller transition, although the contribution of first-forbidden transitions cannot be neglected.
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Physical Review. C, Nuclear Physics; Journal Volume: 91; Journal Issue: 5
American Physical Society (APS)
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
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National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea; USDOE Office of Science - Office of Nuclear Physics
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United States