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Title: Stillwater Hybrid Geo-Solar Power Plant Optimization Analyses

The Stillwater Power Plant is the first hybrid plant in the world able to bring together a medium-enthalpy geothermal unit with solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems. Solar field and power plant models have been developed to predict the performance of the Stillwater geothermal / solar-thermal hybrid power plant. The models have been validated using operational data from the Stillwater plant. A preliminary effort to optimize performance of the Stillwater hybrid plant using optical characterization of the solar field has been completed. The Stillwater solar field optical characterization involved measurement of mirror reflectance, mirror slope error, and receiver position error. The measurements indicate that the solar field may generate 9% less energy than the design value if an appropriate tracking offset is not employed. A perfect tracking offset algorithm may be able to boost the solar field performance by about 15%. The validated Stillwater hybrid plant models were used to evaluate hybrid plant operating strategies including turbine IGV position optimization, ACC fan speed and turbine IGV position optimization, turbine inlet entropy control using optimization of multiple process variables, and mixed working fluid substitution. The hybrid plant models predict that each of these operating strategies could increase net power generation relativemore » to the baseline Stillwater hybrid plant operations.« less
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Conference: Presented at the Geothermal Resources Council 2015 Annual Meeting, 20-23 September 2015, Reno, Nevada; Related Information: Geothermal: Always On; Proceedings of the Geothermal Resources Council 2015 Annual Meeting, 20-23 September 2015, Reno, Nevada
Davis, CA: Geothermal Resources Council
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NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Golden, CO (United States))
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Geothermal Technologies Office (EE-4G)
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United States
15 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY hybrid geothermal solar thermal power plant; air-cooled binary cycle; organic Rankine cycle; ORC; concentrating solar power; simulation; optimization