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Title: Low Cost, High Capacity Regenerable Sorbent for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Existing Coal-fired Power Plants

In this project TDA Research, Inc (TDA) has developed a new post combustion carbon capture technology based on a vacuum swing adsorption system that uses a steam purge and demonstrated its technical feasibility and economic viability in laboratory-scale tests and tests in actual coal derived flue gas. TDA uses an advanced physical adsorbent to selectively remove CO2 from the flue gas. The sorbent exhibits a much higher affinity for CO2 than N2, H2O or O2, enabling effective CO2 separation from the flue gas. We also carried out a detailed process design and analysis of the new system as part of both sub-critical and super-critical pulverized coal fired power plants. The new technology uses a low cost, high capacity adsorbent that selectively removes CO2 in the presence of moisture at the flue gas temperature without a need for significant cooling of the flue gas or moisture removal. The sorbent is based on a TDA proprietary mesoporous carbon that consists of surface functionalized groups that remove CO2 via physical adsorption. The high surface area and favorable porosity of the sorbent also provides a unique platform to introduce additional functionality, such as active groups to remove trace metals (e.g., Hg, As). In collaborationmore » with the Advanced Power and Energy Program of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), TDA developed system simulation models using Aspen PlusTM simulation software to assess the economic viability of TDA’s VSA-based post-combustion carbon capture technology. The levelized cost of electricity including the TS&M costs for CO2 is calculated as $116.71/MWh and $113.76/MWh for TDA system integrated with sub-critical and super-critical pulverized coal fired power plants; much lower than the $153.03/MWhand $147.44/MWh calculated for the corresponding amine based systems. The cost of CO2 captured for TDA’s VSA based system is $38.90 and $39.71 per tonne compared to $65.46 and $66.56 per tonne for amine based system on 2011 $ basis, providing 40% lower cost of CO2 captured. In this analysis we have used a sorbent life of 4 years. If a longer sorbent life can be maintained (which is not unreasonable for fixed bed commercial PSA systems), this would lower the cost of CO2 captured by $0.05 per tonne (e.g., to $38.85 and $39.66 per tonne at 5 years sorbent replacement). These system analysis results suggest that TDA’s VSA-based post-combustion capture technology can substantially improve the power plant’s thermal performance while achieving near zero emissions, including greater than 90% carbon capture. The higher net plant efficiency and lower capital and operating costs results in a substantial reduction in the cost of carbon capture and cost of electricity for the power plant equipped with TDA’s technology.« less
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  1. TDA Research, Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO (United States)
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TDA Research, Inc., Wheat Ridge, CO (United States)
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