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Title: Heterobimetallic Metal–Organic Framework as a Precursor to Prepare a Nickel/Nanoporous Carbon Composite Catalyst for 4-Nitrophenol Reduction

Nickel/nanoporous carbon (Ni/NPC) composites are facilely prepared by direct pyrolysis of nonporous heterobimetallic zinc-nickel-terephthalate frameworks (Zn1-xNixMOF, x approximate to 0-1, MOF= metal-organic framework) at 1223 K in situ. Tailoring the Ni/Zn ratio creates densely populated and small Ni nanocrystals (Ni NCs) while maintaining sufficient porosity and surface area in the final product, which exhibits the largest activity factor (9.2 s(-1)g(-1)) and excellent stability toward 4-nitrophenol reduction.
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: ChemCatChem; Journal Volume: 6; Journal Issue: 11
ChemPubSoc Europe
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)
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National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China; China University of Petroleum ; USDOE Office of Science - Office of Basic Energy Sciences - Scientific User Facilities Division
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United States
mesoporous materials; metal-organic frameworks; nickel; pyrolysis; reduction