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Title: AmeriFlux CA-Qfo Quebec - Eastern Boreal, Mature Black Spruce

This is the AmeriFlux version of the carbon flux data for the site CA-Qfo Quebec - Eastern Boreal, Mature Black Spruce. Site Description - 49.69247° N / 74.34204° W, elevation of 387 mm, 90 - 100 yr old Black Spruce, Jack Pine, feather moss
  1. Université Laval
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Specialized Mix
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Related Information: Bergeron, O., Margolis, H.A., Black, T.A., Coursolle, C., Dunn, A.L., Barr, A.G., Wofsy, S.C. 2007. Comparison of CO2 fluxes over three boreal black spruce forests in Canada. Global Change Biol. 13: 89-107, doi:10.1111/j.1365-2486.2006.01281.x.
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AmeriFlux; Université Laval
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Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences (CFCAS) and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada (NSERC).
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