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Title: CCG-Flasks Instrument Handbook

Surface-based sampling Samples are collected from the one of the two 60m inlet in the PGS shed. A site technician triggers sampling, usually at 2pm local time, every Thursday. Eacl flask (2.5liters) is sampled for about 2 minutes and pressurized to 40 PSI. This system automatically purges the flasks, dries the air sample, and fills the flasks. Aircraft-based sampling Samples are collected from the community inlet for as many as twelve elevations. The pilot triggers sampling when location and latitude have been reached. Each flask (0.75 liters) is sampled for about 2 minutes and pressurized to 40 PSI. The sampler has two components: (1) a rack mounted programmable compressor package (PCP, see picture below) and (2) a programmable flask package (PFP). Prior each flight, the pilot connects a new PFP to the PCP. An automatic test is then performed to check for leaks. After each flight the PFP is sent back to the laboratory for analysis of trace gases.
  1. Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
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