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Title: AmeriFlux US-ICt Imnavait Creek Watershed Tussock Tundra

This is the AmeriFlux version of the carbon flux data for the site US-ICt Imnavait Creek Watershed Tussock Tundra. Site Description - The Imnavait Creek Watershed Tussock Tundra (Biocomplexity Station) is located near Imnavait Creek in Alaska, north of the Brooks Range in the Kuparuk basin near Lake Toolik and the Toolik Field Station. The Kuparuk River has its headwaters in the Brooks Range and drains through northern Alaska into the Arctic Ocean. Within these headwaters lies the Imnavait basin at an average elevation of 930 m. Water tracks run down the hill in parallel zones with a spacing of approximately 10 m. The Biocomplexity Station was deployed in 2004, and it has been in operation during the melt seasons ever since.
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  1. University of Alaska Fairbanks
  2. Marine Biological Laboratory
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Specialized Mix
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AmeriFlux; Marine Biological Laboratory; University of Alaska Fairbanks
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National Science Foundation (NSF)
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United States