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Title: University of Massachusetts Marine Renewable Energy Center Waverider Bouy Data

The compressed (.zip) file contains Datawell MK-III Directional Waverider binary and unpacked data files as well as a description of the data and manuals for the instrumentation. The data files are contained in the two directories within the zip file, ''Apr_July_2012'' and ''Jun_Sept_2013''. Time series and summary data were recorded in the buoy to binary files with extensions '.RDT' and '.SDT', respectively. These are located in the subdirectories 'Data_Raw' in each of the top-level deployment directories. '.RDT' files contain 3 days of time series (at 1.28 Hz) in 30 minute "bursts". Each '.SDT' file contains summary statistics for the month indicated computed at half-hour intervals for each burst. Each deployment directory also contains a description (in 'File.list') of the Datawell binary data files, and a figure ('Hs_vs_yearday') showing the significant wave height associated with each .RDT file (decoded from the filename). The corresponding unpacked Matlab .mat files are contained in the subdirectories 'Data_Mat'. These files have the extension '.mat' but use the root filename of the source .RDT and .SDT files.
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Specialized Mix
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Marine and Hydrokinetic Data Repository (MHKDR); University of Massachusetts
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Wind and Water Technologies Office (EE-4W)
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University of Massachusetts
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United States
16 Tidal and Wave Power; MHK; Marine; Hydrokinetic; energy; wave data; oceanographic; bouy data; Waverider; binary data; unpacked data; RDT; SDT; time series; Matlab; significant wave height; accelerometer data; Nantucket; Rhode Island