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Title: Engineering and Economic Analysis of an Advanced Ultra-Supercritical Pulverized Coal Power Plant with and without Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Task 7. Design and Economic Studies

This report evaluates the economics and performance of two A-USC PC power plants; Case 1 is a conventionally configured A-USC PC power plant with superior emission controls, but without CO 2 removal; and Case 2 adds a post-combustion carbon capture (PCC) system to the plant from Case 1, using the design and heat integration strategies from EPRI’s 2015 report, “Best Integrated Coal Plant.” The capture design basis for this case is “partial,” to meet EPA’s proposed New Source Performance Standard, which was initially proposed as 500 kg-CO 2/MWh (gross) or 1100 lb-CO 2/MWh (gross), but modified in August 2015 to 635 kg-CO 2/MWh (gross) or 1400 lb-CO 2/MWh (gross). This report draws upon the collective experience of consortium members, with EPRI and General Electric leading the study. General Electric provided the steam cycle analysis as well as v the steam turbine design and cost estimating. EPRI performed integrated plant performance analysis using EPRI’s PC Cost model.
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  1. Electric Power Research Inst. (EPRI), Palo Alto, CA (United States)
  2. General Electric, Schenectady, NY (United States)
  3. Hendrix Engineering Solutions, Inc., Calera, AL (United States)
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Energy Industries Of Ohio Inc., Independence, OH (United States)
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