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This content will become publicly available on March 1, 2017

Title: Nuclear Data Sheets for A = 41

Available information pertaining to the nuclear structure of all nuclei with mass numbers A=41 ranging from Al (Z=13) to Ti (Z=22) are presented. The experimental reaction and decay data are evaluated and any inconsistencies or discrepancies are noted. The adopted values for various level properties (such as the spin, parity and and halflife) and gamma properties (energy, intensity and multipole character) are given. Since the prior evaluation several new measurements have expanded our knowledge of A=41 nuclides. The half–life of the ground state of 41Si has been determined and a single excited state identified. Excited levels in 41P have been observed for the first time. In 41Cl, seven new excited states have been identified in deep inelastic and heavy ion transfer reactions. Half–lifes for four states in 41Ar have been updated and additional levels with gammas have been included from a new measurement using the multiple ion transfer reaction. In 41Ca via charge–exchange reaction measurements, several new excited states were observed. A number of new resonances in 41K have been identified via the (p, γ ) reaction. There remains a significant discrepancy in the half–life of the first excited state (980 keV) in 41K, with measurements differing by more thanmore » an order of magnitude. Transfer reactions suggest that this M1 transition should be l–forbidden, however, several measurements yield a lifetime which suggests a sizable M1 strength. Further measurements to resolve the current conflicts would be beneficial.« less
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Journal ID: ISSN 0090-3752; R&D Project: EST-003-NEFA; KB0301041
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Accepted Manuscript
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Nuclear Data Sheets
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Journal Volume: 133; Journal Issue: C; Related Information: This work supersedes the 2001 evaluation by John A. Cameron and Balraj Singh (2001Ca59); Journal ID: ISSN 0090-3752
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Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Upton, NY (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Nuclear Physics (NP) (SC-26)
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United States