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Title: Intermediate Energies for Nuclear Astrophysics and the Development of a Position Sensitive Microstrip Detector System

The chemical elements are made at astrophysical sites through a sequence of nuclear reactions often involving unstable nuclei. The overarching aim of this project is to construct a system that allows for the inverse process of nucleosynthesis (i.e. breakup of heavier nuclei into lighter ones) to be studied in high efficiency. The specific problem to be overcome with this grant is inadequate dynamic range and (triggering) threshold to detect the products of the breakup which include both heavy ions (with large energy and large deposited energy in a detector system) and protons (with little energy and deposited energy.) Early on in the grant we provided both TAMU and RIKEN (the site of the eventual experiments) with working systems based on the existing technology. This technology could be used with either an external preamplifier that was to be designed and fabricated by our RIKEN collaborators or upgraded by replacing the existing chip with one we designed. The RIKEN external preamplifier project never can to completion but our revised chip was designed, fabricated, used in a test experiment and performs as required.
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  1. Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO (United States)
  2. Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, LA (United States)
  3. Texas A & M Univ., College Station, TX (United States)
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Technical Report
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Related Information: M. Jager, R. J. Charity, J. M. Elson, J. Manfredi, M. H. Mahzoon, L. G. Sobotka, M. McCleskey, R. G. Pizzone, B. T. Roeder, A. Spiridon, E. Simmons, L. Trache, and M. Kurokawa, “Two-proton decay of 12O and its isobaric analog in 12N,” Phys. Rev. C 86, 011304 (R) (2012), G. Sobotka, W. W. Buhro, R. J. Charity, J. M. Elson, M. F. Jager, J. Manfredi, M. H. Mahzoon, A. M. Mukhamedzhanov, V. Eremenko, M. McCleskey, R. G. Pizzone, B. T. Roeder, A. Spiridon, E. Simmons, L. Trache, M. Kurokawa, and P. Navrátil, “Proton decay of excited states in 12N and 13O and the astrophysical 11C(p,γ)12N reaction rate”, Phys. Rev. C 87, 054329 (2013),
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Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Nuclear Physics (NP) (SC-26)
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United States
73 NUCLEAR PHYSICS AND RADIATION PHYSICS Nuclear Astrophysics; ASICs for Si-strip detectors