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Title: EAGLE: 'EAGLE'Is an' Algorithmic Graph Library for Exploration

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) and SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL) were introduced about a decade ago to enable flexible schema-free data interchange on the Semantic Web. Today data scientists use the framework as a scalable graph representation for integrating, querying, exploring and analyzing data sets hosted at different sources. With increasing adoption, the need for graph mining capabilities for the Semantic Web has emerged. Today there is no tools to conduct "graph mining" on RDF standard data sets. We address that need through implementation of popular iterative Graph Mining algorithms (Triangle count, Connected component analysis, degree distribution, diversity degree, PageRank, etc.). We implement these algorithms as SPARQL queries, wrapped within Python scripts and call our software tool as EAGLE. In RDF style, EAGLE stands for "EAGLE 'Is an' algorithmic graph library for exploration. EAGLE is like 'MATLAB' for 'Linked Data.'
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EAGLE; 003500WKSTN00
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Open Source Software package available from Oak Ridge National Laboratory at the following URL:
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Sreenivas R. Sukumar (ORNL) and Matt Sangkeun Lee (North Carolina State University)
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United States

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