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Title: Stochastic PArallel Rarefied-gas Time-accurate Analyzer

The SPARTA package is software for simulating low-density fluids via the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) method, which is a particle-based method for tracking particle trajectories and collisions as a model of a multi-species gas. The main component of SPARTA is a simulation code which allows the user to specify a simulation domain, populate it with particles, embed triangulated surfaces as boundary conditions for the flow, overlay a grid for finding pairs of collision partners, and evolve the system in time via explicit timestepping. The package also includes various pre- and post-processing tools, useful for setting up simulations and analyzing the results. The simulation code runs either in serial on a single processor or desktop machine, or can be run in parallel using the MPI message-passing library, to enable faster performance on large problems.
  1. Sandia National Laboratories; Sandia National Laboratories
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