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Ichos solves wave propagation equations based on acoustic, elastic, visco-elastic and visco-anisotropic-elastic physics for both forward modeling as well as adjoint-based inversion. Inversion can be performed for sources, boundary conditions, and material properties in various combinations.
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ICHOS v0.4; 003286MLTPL00
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Source Code; User Guide; Compilation Instructions; Installation Instructions; / 1 CD-ROM
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Required SANDIA Libraries: (These or their equivalents must be distributed Ichos for Ichos to be operational. However, none of this software is distributed with Ichos.): 1. DGM v1.2 (based on the publically available version using a BSD-type license, current development version needs to go through DOE copyright assertion process for open source, BSD release) Optional Libraries: (These are neither required nor distributed with Ichos and Ichos can be configured to either enable or disable use of these third party libraries. Ichos is functional without this software, but Ichos has additional/improved capabilities with these libraries.) 1. Those associated with DGM v1.2 Optional Auxiliary Software: (This are neither required nor distributed with Ichos. Ichos is functional without this software. This software is used to support software development, documentation, pre/postprocessing of data, and perform testing.) 1. Those associated with DGM v1.2 2. Trac v0.11.7 (New BSD) 3. SeismicUnix (CWP) (BSD license)
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Sandia National Laboratory
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S. Scott Collis, K. Noel Belcourt, Curtis C. Ober, James R. Overfelt, Hans Schwaiger, Thomas M. Smith, Bart G. van Bloemen Waanders, Joseph Young
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United States

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