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Title: An Integrated Tool for Functional Requirements Analysis, Function Allocation and Task Analysis

The software application is called "HFE-Trace". This is an integrated method and tool for the management of Human Factors Engineering analyses and related data. Its primary purpose is to support the coherent and consistent application of the nuclear industry's best practices for human factors engineering work. The software is a custom Microsoft® Access® application. The application is used (in conjunction with other tools such as spreadsheets, checklists and normal documents where necessary) to collect data on the design of a new nuclear power plant from subject matter experts and other sources. This information is then used to identify potential system and functional breakdowns of the intended power plant design. This information is expanded by developing extensive descriptions of all functions, as well as system performance parameters, operating limits and constraints, and operational conditions. Once these have been verified, the human factors elements are added to each function, including intended operator role, function allocation considerations, prohibited actions, primary task categories, and primary work station. In addition, the application includes a computational method to assess a number of factors such as system and process complexity, workload, environmental conditions, procedures, regulations, etc.) that may shape operator performance. This is a unique methodology basedmore » upon principles described in NUREG/CR-3331 ("A methodology for allocating nuclear power plant control functions to human or automatic control") and it results in a semi-quantified allocation of functions to three or more levels of automation for a conceptual automation system. The aggregate of all this information is then linked to the Task Analysis section of the application where the existing information on all operator functions is transformed into task information and ultimately into design requirements for Human-System Interfaces and Control Rooms. This final step includes assessment of methods to prevent potential operator errors.« less
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