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Title: Distributed Energy Resources Customer Adoption Model (DER-CAM), Investment & Planing Version 3.10.5.m

Version 3.10.5 is a multi-year Decision Support tool for Distributed Generation (DG). DER-CAM was initially created as an exclusively economic energy model, able to find the cost minimizing combination and operation profile of a set of DER technologies that meet heat and electric loads of a single building or microgrid for a typical test year. Now, version 3.10.5.m solves for a multiple-year horizon the technology choice question, the appropriate capacity for each selected technology as well as the operational and investment schedule. Optimized investment decisions are based on techno-economic criteria, along with site information such as energy loads, economic forecast, and technology characterization. Version 3.10.5 contains: 1. a PV and battery degradation model and 2. variable performance for technologies. Efficiency, investment costs, etc. can vary over time and model technology breakthroughs and advancements.
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DER-CAM V3.10.5M; 003010IBMPC04
R&D Project: TE1201000; 2014-077
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Source Code; Sample Problem Input Data; Sample Problem Output Data; / 1 CD-ROM
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Michael Stadler, Lenaig Le Gall, Jonas Tjaeder, Daphne Baldassari
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United States

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