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Title: Introduction to Cyber Technologies exercise environment

Exercise environment for Introduction to Cyber Technologies class. This software is essentially a collection of short scripts, configuration files, and small executables that form the exercise component of the Sandia Cyber Technologies Academy's Introduction to Cyber Technologies class. It builds upon other open-source technologies, such as Debian Linux and minimega, to provide comprehensive Linux and networking exercises that make learning these topics exciting and fun. Sample exercises: a pre-built set of home directories the student must navigate through to learn about privilege escalation, the creation of a virtual network playground designed to teach the student about the resiliency of the Internet, and a two-hour Capture the Flag challenge for the final lesson. There are approximately thirty (30) exercises included for the students to complete as part of the course.
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Source Code; Executable Module(s); Auxiliary Materials; Compilation Instructions; Programmer Documentation; Installation Instructions; Other; / 1 CD-ROM
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Used in classrooms and for personal use at home to learn about Linux and networking. This software will generally be presented as a disk image that the user can install to a USB thumb drive. Then, the user can boot their classroom or personal computer from the thumb drive instead of the computerÂ’s hard drive and boot directly into this classÂ’s customized Linux environment. This is almost identical to a user installing Debian Linux to the thumb drive and booting from it, except for the inclusion of the Introduction to Cyber Technologies (ICT) exercises.
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Sandia National Laboratories
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Jeremy Erickson,Craig Shannon,Kina Winoto,Steve Hurd,CW Perr,Levi Lloyd
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United States

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