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Aleph is a PIC/DSMC (particle-in-cell/direct simulation Monte Carlo) software package for the simulation of low temperature plasmas. Aleph is intended to be a production quality code capable of handling complex 3D geometries. Unstructured triangular (2D) or tetrahedral (3D) meshes are used to represent simulation domains. Aleph runs either in serial on a single processor or desktop machine, or can be run in parallel using the MPI message-passing library, to enable faster performance on large problems. Aleph employs dynamic load balancing to efficiently harness thousands of processors on high performance computers and enable simulations of up to millions of mesh elements and billions of particles. Multiple decompositions of the same mesh are used: one for the particles, and one for the field solves. Electrostatic fields are computed using an unstructured mesh finite element method (FEM), and the resulting linear systems are solved using solvers from the Trilinos package (
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ALEPH; 003257MLTPL00
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Source Code; User Guide; Compilation Instructions; Linking Instructions; Sample Problem Input Data; Sample Problem Output Data; Programmer Documentation; Installation Instructions;
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Sandia National Laboratories
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Matthew Hopkins, SNL 1118, (505-284-6376) Paul Crozier, SNL 1444, (505-845-9714) Russell Hooper, SNL 1446, (505-844-9219) Steve Plimpton, SNL 1444, (505-845-7873) Alan Williams, SNL 1543, (505-844-6047) Hal Meyer, Performance Software Solutions (Contract #1111463), (505-284-4764) Eric Eidson, SNL 6925, (505-284-4624) Larry Musson, SNL 1355, (505-284-3647) Tom Hughes, SNL 2735, (505-844-0477) Jeremiah Boerner, SNL 1516, (505-844-8336)Matthew Bettencourt, SNL 1352, (505-844-6991) Chris Moore, SNL 1352, (505-284-9853) Stan Moore, SNL 1444, (505-284-0568)
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United States

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