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GMOD-B is a code that integrates open source libraries for linear algebra and I/O with two main LLNL-written components: (i) a set of standard finite, descrete, and discontinuous displacement element physics solvers for resolving Darcy fluid flow, explicit mechanics, implicit mechanics, and fluid-mediated fracturing, including resolution of physical behaviors both implicitly and explicitly, and (ii) a MPI-based parallelization implementation for use on generic HPC distributed memory architectures. The resultant code can be used alone for linearly elastic and quasi-topology is dynamically changed; and general granular materials behavior. The key application domain is for low-rate stimulation and fracture control in subsurface reservoirs (e.g., enchanced geothermal sites and unconventional shale gas stimulation). GMOD-B also has interfaces to call external libraries for, e.g., material models and equations of state; however, LLNL-developed EOS and material models, beyond the aforementioned linear elastic and quasi-static damage models, will not be part of the current release. GMOD-B's secondary applications include granular materials behavior under fidderent load paths.
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GMOD-B; 003053MLTPL00
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Open Source Software package available Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory at the following URL:
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Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory
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R. Settgast, S. Johnson, S. Walsh, P. Fu, J. White
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United States

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