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Title: The Open Host Network Packet Process Correlator for Windows

The Hone sensors are packet-process correlation engines that log the relationships between applications and the communications they are responsible for. Hone sensors are available for a variety of platforms including Linux, Windows, and MacOSX. Hone sensors are designed to help analysts understand the meaning of communications on a deeper level by associating the origin or destination process to the communication. They do this by tracing communications on a per-packet basis, through the kernel of the operating system to determine their ultimate source/destination on the monitored machine.
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Battelle IPID 30389-E
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Open Source Software package available from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at the following URL:
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Includes service/daemon that logs sensor output to file.
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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United States Department of Energy
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Richard Griswold, PNNL Brandon Carpenter, PNNL Glenn Fink, PNNL
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United States

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