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Title: Risk Analysis Virtual ENvironment

RAVEN has 3 major functionalities: 1. Provides a Graphical User Interface for the pre- and post-processing of the RELAP-7 input and output. 2. Provides the capability to model nuclear power plants control logic for the RELAP-7 code and dynamic control of the accident scenario evolution. This capability is based on a software structure that realizes a direct connection between the RELAP-7 solver engine (MOOSE) and a python environment where the variables describing the plant status are accessible in a scripting environment. RAVEN support the generation of the probabilistic scenario control by supplying a wide range of probability and cumulative distribution functions and their inverse functions. 3. Provides a general environment to perform probability risk analysis for RELAP-7, RELAP-5 and any generic MOOSE based applications. The probabilistic analysis is performed by sampling the input space of the coupled code parameters and it is enhanced by using modern artificial intelligence algorithms that accelerate the identification of the areas of major risk (in the input parameter space). This environment also provides a graphical visualization capability to analyze the outcomes. Among other approaches, the classical Monte Carlo and Latin Hypercube sampling algorithms are available. For the acceleration of the convergence of the sampling methodologies,more » Support Vector Machines, Bayesian regression, and collocation stochastic polynomials chaos are implemented. The same methodologies here described could be used to solve optimization and uncertainties propagation problems using the RAVEN framework.« less
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RAVEN; 003038MLTPL00
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Source Code; / 1 CD-ROM
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Export Control/Classification Review: The RAVEN software package is considered as EAR 99, No License Required (NLR) and still subject to all U.S. Export Control regulations. EAR 99 items are not able to be exported to CUBA, IRAN, SUDAN, SYRIA or NORTH KOREA currently or to nationals of those countries.
Related Software:
RELAP-7, MOOSE, and Python interpreter (2.7 or higher)
Research Org:
Idaho National Laboratory
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Cristian Rabiti Andrea Alfonsi Joshua Cogliati Robert Kinoshita Diego Mandelli
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United States

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