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Title: Sandia Higher Order Elements (SHOE) v 0.5 alpha

SHOE is research code for characterizing and visualizing higher-order finite elements; it contains a framework for defining classes of interpolation techniques and element shapes; methods for interpolating triangular, quadrilateral, tetrahedral, and hexahedral cells using Lagrange and Legendre polynomial bases of arbitrary order; methods to decompose each element into domains of constant gradient flow (using a polynomial solver to identify critical points); and an isocontouring technique that uses this decomposition to guarantee topological correctness. Please note that this is an alpha release of research software and that some time has passed since it was actively developed; build- and run-time issues likely exist.
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SHOE V.1.5 ALPHA; 002913MLTPL00
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Open Source Software package available from Sandia National Laboratories at the following URL:
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Sandia National Laboratories
Sponsoring Org:
United States Department of Energy
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David Thompson, Philippe P├ębay, Rahul Khardekar, Rich Crawford
Country of Publication:
United States

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