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Title: Non Linear Conjugate Gradient

Software that simulates and inverts electromagnetic field data for subsurface electrical properties (electrical conductivity) of geological media. The software treats data produced by a time harmonic source field excitation arising from the following antenna geometery: loops and grounded bipoles, as well as point electric and magnetic dioples. The inversion process is carried out using a non-linear conjugate gradient optimization scheme, which minimizes the misfit between field data and model data using a least squares criteria. The software is an upgrade from the code NLCGCS_MP ver 1.0. The upgrade includes the following components: Incorporation of new 1 D field sourcing routines to more accurately simulate the 3D electromagnetic field for arbitrary geologic& media, treatment for generalized finite length transmitting antenna geometry (antennas with vertical and horizontal component directions). In addition, the software has been upgraded to treat transverse anisotropy in electrical conductivity.
Publication Date:
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Report Number(s):
NLCGCS_MPV3.0; 001365UNIXW01
R&D Project: B&R number:KC0303010; Project number:468113; LBNL CR-2265
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Media includes Source Code, Installation Instructions, ReadMe File; Sample Problem Input Data and Sample Problem Output Data;/1 CD ROM
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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United States

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