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Title: Advanced System for Process Engineering

ASPEN (Advanced System for Process Engineering) is a state of the art process simulator and economic evaluation package which was designed for use in engineering fossil energy conversion processes. ASPEN can represent multiphase streams including solids, and handle complex substances such as coal. The system can perform steady state material and energy balances, determine equipment size and cost, and carry out preliminary economic evaluations. It is supported by a comprehensive physical property system for computation of major properties such as enthalpy, entropy, free energy, molar volume, equilibrium ratio, fugacity coefficient, viscosity, thermal conductivity, and diffusion coefficient for specified phase conditions; vapor, liquid, or solid. The properties may be computed for pure components, mixtures, or components in a mixture, as appropriate. The ASPEN Input Language is oriented towards process engineers.
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ASPEN; 000214D078000
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Software Abstract; Media Directory; Media includes Source Code; DOE/MC/14521-1942; DOE/MC/14521-1943; DOE/MC/16481-1201 Vols. 1 & 2; DOE/MC/16481-1203 Vols. 1 & 2; Media Directory;\ 1 CD Rom
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The DEC VAX version contains 1952 files of which 1779 are of type FOR (FORTRAN). The remainder are of types INP, DAT, COM, DOC, INF, TMP, MSG, MAR, PG, SPL, OUT, SMP, XRF, and HLP. These files are either used during system generation or represent output files generated by the system for use in checking for correct implementation. The command procedures (COM files) are designed for use with VAX/VMS version 4.0 or later. The DEC VAX version contains the ASPEN Graphics System. This system uses calls to subroutines to generate actual terminal control sequences rather than formal meta code. While eliminating the need for a separate device driver for each different device, this necessitates editing of some of the code for addition of new devices. The devices currently supported are: Tektronix 401x, 411x, 410x, and 4027; AED767; SELANAR adapted VT-100; ZETA11 and 34 plotters, and the Varian printer-plotter.
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Federal Energy Technology Center, Morgantown
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United States

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