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Title: Explicit 2-D Hydrodynamic FEM Program

DYNA2D* is a vectorized, explicit, two-dimensional, axisymmetric and plane strain finite element program for analyzing the large deformation dynamic and hydrodynamic response of inelastic solids. DYNA2D* contains 13 material models and 9 equations of state (EOS) to cover a wide range of material behavior. The material models implemented in all machine versions are: elastic, orthotropic elastic, kinematic/isotropic elastic plasticity, thermoelastoplastic, soil and crushable foam, linear viscoelastic, rubber, high explosive burn, isotropic elastic-plastic, temperature-dependent elastic-plastic. The isotropic and temperature-dependent elastic-plastic models determine only the deviatoric stresses. Pressure is determined by one of 9 equations of state including linear polynomial, JWL high explosive, Sack Tuesday high explosive, Gruneisen, ratio of polynomials, linear polynomial with energy deposition, ignition and growth of reaction in HE, tabulated compaction, and tabulated.
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DYNA2D96*; 000210MLTPL00
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Media Directory; Software Abstract; Installation Guides for SUN and IBM; Media includes Source Code, Linking Instructions, Compilation Instructions and User Guides;/1 CD ROM
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The LLNL-developed DIGLIB graphics software used with the DEC VAX and SUN versions is included with those versions. The MAZE preprocessor can be used to generate complete input files for DYNA2D, and the compatible release of the ORION postprocessor will produce graphics output from DYNA2D binary plot file output. The soil and crushable foam, linear viscoelastic, and the rubber subroutines were adapted from HONDO and recoded for vectorization; the ignition and growth EOS was adapted from KOVEC. The forms of the first five equations of state are from KOVEC also. The implementation of the Green-Naghdi stress rate is similar to that used in NIKE2D. Similar methods in three dimensions are available in DYNA3D.
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Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
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United States

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