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Title: A Distributed Python HPC Framework: ODIN, PyTrilinos, & Seamless

Under this grant, three significant software packages were developed or improved, all with the goal of improving the ease-of-use of HPC libraries. The first component is a Python package, named DistArray (originally named Odin), that provides a high-level interface to distributed array computing. This interface is based on the popular and widely used NumPy package and is integrated with the IPython project for enhanced interactive parallel distributed computing. The second Python package is the Distributed Array Protocol (DAP) that enables separate distributed array libraries to share arrays efficiently without copying or sending messages. If a distributed array library supports the DAP, it is then automatically able to communicate with any other library that also supports the protocol. This protocol allows DistArray to communicate with the Trilinos library via PyTrilinos, which was also enhanced during this project. A third package, PyTrilinos, was extended to support distributed structured arrays (in addition to the unstructured arrays of its original design), allow more flexible distributed arrays (i.e., the restriction to double precision data was lifted), and implement the DAP. DAP support includes both exporting the protocol so that external packages can use distributed Trilinos data structures, and importing the protocol so that PyTrilinos canmore » work with distributed data from external packages.« less
  1. Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX (United States)
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Enthought, Inc., Austin, TX (United States)
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United States
97 MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTING; HPC; High Performance Computing; DistArray, Trilinos; Python