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Title: Building America Case Study: Ventilation System Effectiveness and Tested Indoor Air Quality Impacts, Tyler, Texas

?Ventilation system effectiveness testing was conducted at two unoccupied, single-family, detached lab homes at the University of Texas - Tyler. Five ventilation system tests were conducted with various whole-building ventilation systems. Multizone fan pressurization testing characterized building and zone enclosure leakage. PFT testing showed multizone air change rates and interzonal airflow filtration. Indoor air recirculation by a central air distribution system can help improve the exhaust ventilation system by way of air mixing and filtration. In contrast, the supply and balanced ventilation systems showed that there is a significant benefit to drawing outside air from a known outside location, and filtering and distributing that air. Compared to the Exhaust systems, the CFIS and ERV systems showed better ventilation air distribution and lower concentrations of particulates, formaldehyde and other VOCs. System improvement percentages were estimated based on four System Factor Categories: Balance, Distribution, Outside Air Source, and Recirculation Filtration. Recommended System Factors could be applied to reduce ventilation fan airflow rates relative to ASHRAE Standard 62.2 to save energy and reduce moisture control risk in humid climates. HVAC energy savings were predicted to be 8-10%, or $50-$75/year. Cumulative particle counts for six particle sizes, and formaldehyde and other Top 20 VOCmore » concentrations were measured in multiple zones. The testing showed that single-point exhaust ventilation was inferior as a whole-house ventilation strategy.« less
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NREL/FS-5500-64363; DOE/GO-102015-4693
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NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Building Technologies Office (EE-5B)
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United States
32 ENERGY CONSERVATION, CONSUMPTION, AND UTILIZATION; ?Residential; Residential Buildings; BSC; Building America; Ventilation; Whole-building ventilation; Ventilation effectiveness; Ventilation air distribution; Ventilation air source; Ventilation system factors; Particulate; Particulate matter; Airborne particles; Formaldehyde; Volatile organic compound; VOC; TVOC; Indoor air quality?