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Title: Evaluation of Savings in Energy-Efficient Public Housing in the Pacific Northwest

This report presents the results of an energy performance and cost-effectiveness analysis. The Salishan phase 7 and demonstration homes were compared to Salishan phase 6 homes built to 2006 Washington State Energy Code specifications 2. Predicted annual energy savings (over Salishan phase 6) was 19% for Salishan phase 7, and between 19-24% for the demonstration homes (depending on ventilation strategy). Approximately two-thirds of the savings are attributable to the DHP. Working with the electric utility provider, Tacoma Public Utilities, researchers conducted a billing analysis for Salishan phase 7. Median energy use for the development is 11,000 kWh; annual energy costs are $780, with a fair amount of variation dependent on size of home. Preliminary analysis of savings between Salishan 7 and previous phases (4 through 6) suggest savings of between 20 and 30 percent. A more comprehensive comparison between Salishan 7 and previous phases will take place in year two of this project.
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Program Document
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EERE Publication and Product Library
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Building Technologies Office (EE-5B) (Building America)
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United States
DOE/GO-102013-3897; NREL/SR-5500-57828; October 2013; public housing; Pacific Northwest; affordable housing; ventilation strategies; modeled energy use; energy audits; energy analysis; residential; residential building; Building America Partnership for Improved Residential Construction (BA-PIRC); Building America