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Title: Advanced Sensor Fish Device for ImprovedTurbine Design

Juvenile salmon (smolts) passing through hydroelectric turbines are subjected to environmental conditions that can potentially kill or injure them. Many turbines are reaching the end of their operational life expectancies and will be replaced with new turbines that incorporate advanced “fish friendly” designs devised to prevent injury and death to fish. To design a fish friendly turbine, it is first necessary to define the current conditions fish encounter. One such device used by biologists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was the sensor fish device to collect data that measures the forces fish experience during passage through hydroelectric projects.
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EERE Publication and Product Library
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), Water Power Program (EE-4W) (Water Power Program Corporate)
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United States
Juvenile; salmon; smolt(s); passage; kill; injury; injure; fish friendly; fish-friendly; design(s); death; define; condition(s); biological; biologist(s); Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; PNNL; sensor fish; data; measure; force(s)