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Title: High Quality, Low Cost Ammonothermal Bulk GaN Substrates

Ammonothermal GaN growth using a novel apparatus has been performed on c-plane, m-plane, and semipolar seed crystals with diameters between 5 mm and 2 in. to thicknesses of 0.5-3 mm. The highest growth rates are greater than 40 mu m/h and rates in the 10-30 mu m/h range are routinely observed for all orientations. These values are 5-100x larger than those achieved by conventional ammonothermal GaN growth. The crystals have been characterized by X-ray diffraction rocking-curve (XRC) analysis, optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), cathodoluminescence (CL), optical spectroscopy, and capacitance-voltage measurements. The crystallinity of the grown crystals is similar to or better than that of the seed crystals, with FWHM values of about 20-100 arcsec and dislocation densities of 1 x 10(5)-5 x 10(6) cm(-2). Dislocation densities below 10(4) cm(-2) are observed in laterally-grown crystals. Epitaxial InGaN quantum well structures have been successfully grown on ammonothermal wafers. (C) 2013 The Japan Society of Applied Physics
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Journal Name: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics; Journal Volume: 52; Journal Issue: 8
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USDOE Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)
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United States