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Title: FINAL REPORT. DOE Grant Award Number DE-SC0004062

With the support of the DOE-OFES Early Career Award and the Tufts startup support the PI has developed experimental and analytical expertise on the electromechanical characterization of Low Temperature Superconductor (LTS) and High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) for high magnetic field applications. These superconducting wires and cables are used in fusion and high-energy physics magnet applications. In a short period of time, the PI has built a laboratory and research group with unique capabilities that include both experimental and numerical modeling effort to improve the design and performance of superconducting cables and magnets. All the projects in the PI’s laboratory explore the fundamental electromechanical behavior of superconductors but the types of materials, geometries and operating conditions are chosen to be directly relevant to real machines, in particular fusion machines like ITER.
  1. Tufts Univ., Medford, MA (United States)
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Technical Report
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Tufts Univ., Medford, MA (United States)
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United States
70 PLASMA PHYSICS AND FUSION TECHNOLOGY; superconducting magnets; superconducting materials; electro-mechanical behavior of superconductors; finite element analysis