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This content will become publicly available on May 27, 2016

Title: A method for in situ absolute DD yield calibration of neutron time-of-flight detectors on OMEGA using CR-39-based proton detectors

Neutron time of flight (nTOF) detectors are used routinely to measure the absolute DD neutron yield at OMEGA. To check the DD yield calibration of these detectors, originally calibrated using indium activation systems, which in turn were cross-calibrated to NOVA nTOF detectors in the early 1990s, a direct in situ calibration method using CR-39 range filter proton detectors has been successfully developed. By measuring DD neutron and proton yields from a series of exploding pusher implosions at OMEGA, a yield calibration coefficient of 1.09 ± 0.02 (relative to the previous coefficient) was determined for the 3m nTOF detector. In addition, comparison of these and other shots indicates that significant reduction in charged particle flux anisotropies is achieved when bang time occurs significantly (on the order of 500 ps) after the trailing edge of the laser pulse. This is an important observation as the main source of the yield calibration error is due to particle anisotropies caused by field effects. The results indicate that the CR-39-nTOF in situ calibration method can serve as a valuable technique for calibrating and reducing the uncertainty in the DD absolute yield calibration of nTOF detector systems on OMEGA, the National Ignition Facility, and laser megajoule.
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  1. MIT (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology), Cambridge, MA (United States).
  2. Lab. for Laser Energetics, Rochester, NY (United States)
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NA0001857; NA0002035
Accepted Manuscript
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Review of Scientific Instruments
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Journal Volume: 86; Journal Issue: 5; Journal ID: ISSN 0034-6748
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (United States)
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USDOE National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)
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United States