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Title: Low Activation Joining of SiC/SiC Composites for Fusion Applications: Tape Casting TiC+Si Powders

The use of SiC composites in fusion environments likely requires joining of plates using reactive joining or brazing. One promising reactive joining method uses solid-state displacement reactions between Si and TiC to produce Ti3SiC2 + SiC. We continue to explore the processing envelope for this joint for the TITAN collaboration in order to produce optimal joints to undergo irradiation studies in HFIR. One noted feature of the joints produced using tape-calendared powders of TiC+Si has been the large void regions that have been apparently unavoidable. Although the produced joints are very strong, these voids are undesirable. In addition, the tapes that were made for this joining were produced about 20 years ago and were aging. Therefore, we embarked on an effort to produce some new tape cast powders of TiC and Si that could replace our aging tape calendared materials.
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Related Information: Fusion Materials Semiannual Report for the Period Ending December 31, 2013, 55, DOE-ER-0313/55:23-28
Oak Ridge National Laboratory , Oak Ridge , TN, United States(US).
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Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
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United States
SiC; Joining; Tape Casting; Fusion