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Title: Radiation Stability of Mo2Zr Phase as an Interaction Product in U-10M0/Zr/Al 6061 Monolithic Fuel Plate

Abstract Monolithic U-10Mo alloy fuel plates with Al-6061 cladding are being developed for use in research and test reactors as low enrichment fuel (< 20% U-235 enrichment). These fuel plates contain a Zr diffusion barrier between the U-10Mo fuel and Al-6061 cladding that suppresses the interaction between the two that is known to be problematic under irradiation. However, the Zr also interacts with the U-10Mo and Al-6061 cladding during fuel fabrication to produce a variety of interaction phases. The results from recent post-irradiation-examination (PIE) of the irradiated monolithic fuel plates suggested that the microstructural development of the U-10Mo/Zr interaction phases under irradiation may have an impact on fuel performance. The Mo2Zr phase has been identified as a major interaction product at the interface of U-10Mo and Zr. TEM in-situ irradiation with 500 keV Kr ions at 200 ?C temperature to 2?1016 ions/cm2 was carried out to investigate its radiation stability. The Mo2Zr undergoes a radiation-induced structural change, from a large cubic (cF24, a0 = 0.7588 nm) to a small bcc cubic (cI2, a0 = 0.3185 nm), along with an estimated 11.3% volume contraction without changing its composition. The Mo2Zr phase demonstrated exceptional radiation tolerance with the development of dislocation showingmore » no evidence of bubble formation. The irradiation to the same ion dose with the reduced ion energy at 250 keV reveals a high concentration of small bubbles (< 2 nm) as a result of increased Kr ion retention in the sample. .« less
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Journal of Nuclear Materials; Journal Volume: 46; Journal Issue: 2
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Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
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United States
11 NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE AND FUEL MATERIALS Mo2Zr Phase as Interaction Product; Monolithic fuel plate; radiation stability; U-10Mo/Zr/Al 6061