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Title: BOCC Blueprint

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Facility and Operations (F&O) Division strives to manage performance, to assure long-term health and sustainability for the organization and our staff through innovation and learning. The F&O organization is committed to achieving five strategic outcomes over the next several years. The strategic outcomes are aligned with the Department of Energy (DOE) and PNNL mission and vision. One key outcome important to enabling our vision is to integrate the smartest facilities, connected to the smartest people, by the smartest systems. We call this our SMART3 Initiative. The F&O SMART3 Initiative will connect human capital with intelligent systems, resulting in a best-in-class, integrated facility-operations strategy that improves productivity and optimizes operational costs. The Building Operations Control Center (BOCC) Blueprint is a key deliverable in this effort and will define near-term and long-term objectives aligned with the SMART3 Initiative. The BOCC Blueprint provides a plan to successfully position the BOCC and assure full integration into the new Systems Engineering Laboratory (SEL). The BOCC Blueprint near-term objectives will satisfy each of the three elements of the SMART3 Initiative. 1. The facilities element will be achieved by defining the minimum set of smart sensors for deployment, establishing dashboards andmore » metrics, and initiating a Real-Time Commissioning Program (RT-Cx). 2. The people element will be achieved as F&O and the Energy and Environment Directorate (EED) collaborate, mentor, and cross-train within F&O. The collaboration effort will provide proof of concept by testing, applying and sharing information on facility systems through smart grid, facility re-tuning & audits, and DSOM fault detection and diagnostics. The mentoring and cross-training will be realized by integrating air balance operators, power operators and FMCS specialists within the BOCC. 3. The systems element will be achieved by standardizing the Facility Management Control Systems (FMCS) and Decision Support for Operations and Maintenance (DSOM) development, specifically by implementing facility dashboards and tools. The long-term objectives are to enhance reliability, reduce cost, and demonstrate the “Living Laboratory,” as defined by the way facilities are used to advance research from theoretical to practical applications through scientific collaboration among PNNL’s research and development (R&D) staff. With the BOCC Blueprint defining the objectives to meet the SMART3 Initiative, the BOCC will become a valuable PNNL core competency, and allow for additional R&D opportunities.« less
  1. Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
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