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Title: Perform Thermodynamics Measurements on Fuel Cycle Case Study Systems

This document was prepared to meet FCR&D level 3 milestone M3FT-14IN0304022, “Perform Thermodynamics Measurements on Fuel Cycle Case Study Systems.” This work was carried out under the auspices of the Thermodynamics and Kinetics FCR&D work package. This document reports preliminary work in support of determining the thermodynamic parameters for the ALSEP process. The ALSEP process is a mixed extractant system comprised of a cation exchanger 2-ethylhexyl-phosphonic acid mono-2-ethylhexyl ester (HEH[EHP]) and a neutral solvating extractant N,N,N’,N’-tetraoctyldiglycolamide (TODGA). The extractant combination produces complex organic phase chemistry that is challenging for traditional measurement techniques. To neutralize the complexity, temperature dependent solvent extraction experiments were conducted with neat TODGA and scaled down concentrations of the ALSEP formulation to determine the enthalpies of extraction for the two conditions. A full set of thermodynamic data for Eu, Am, and Cm extraction by TODGA from 3.0 M HNO3 is reported. These data are compared to previous extraction results from a 1.0 M HNO3 aqueous medium, and a short discussion of the mixed HEH[EHP]/TODGA system results is offered.
  1. Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)
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Technical Report
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Idaho National Lab. (INL), Idaho Falls, ID (United States)
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USDOE Office of Nuclear Energy (NE)
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United States
11 NUCLEAR FUEL CYCLE AND FUEL MATERIALS Actinide Extraction; ALSEP Process; Thermodynamics; TODGA/HEH[EHP] extraction