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Title: New Software Architecture Options for the TCL Data Acquisition System

The Turbulent Combustion Laboratory (TCL) conducts research on combustion in turbulent flow environments. To conduct this research, the TCL utilizes several pulse lasers, a traversable wind tunnel, flow controllers, scientific grade CCD cameras, and numerous other components. Responsible for managing these different data-acquiring instruments and data processing components is the Data Acquisition (DAQ) software. However, the current system is constrained to running through VXI hardware—an instrument-computer interface—that is several years old, requiring the use of an outdated version of the visual programming language, LabVIEW. A new Acquisition System is being programmed which will borrow heavily from either a programming model known as the Current Value Table (CVT) System or another model known as the Server-Client System. The CVT System model is in essence, a giant spread sheet from which data or commands may be retrieved or written to, and the Server-Client System is based on network connections between a server and a client, very much like the Server-Client model of the Internet. Currently, the bare elements of a CVT DAQ Software have been implemented, consisting of client programs in addition to a server program that the CVT will run on. This system is being rigorously tested to evaluate the meritsmore » of pursuing the CVT System model and to uncover any potential flaws which may result in further implementation. If the CVT System is chosen, which is likely, then future work will consist of build up the system until enough client programs have been created to run the individual components of the lab. The advantages of such a System will be flexibility, portability, and polymorphism. Additionally, the new DAQ software will allow the Lab to replace the VXI with a newer instrument interface—the PXI—and take advantage of the capabilities of current and future versions of LabVIEW.« less
  1. Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA (United States)
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