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Title: Composition and Interface Analysis of InGaN/GaN Multiquantum-Wells on GaN Substrates Using Atom Probe Tomography

In0.20Ga0.80N/GaN multi-quantum wells grown on [0001]-oriented GaN substrates with and without an InGaN buffer layer were characterized using three-dimensional atom probe tomography. In all samples, the upper interfaces of the QWs were slightly more diffuse than the lower interfaces. The buffer layers did not affect the roughness of the interfaces within the quantum well structure, a result attributed to planarization of the surface of the 1st GaN barrier layer which had an average root-mean-square roughness of 0.177 nm. The In and Ga distributions within the MQWs followed the expected distributions for a random alloy with no indications of In clustering.
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40066; KP1704020
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B--Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures, 32(5):Article No. 051209
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (US), Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)
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United States
Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory