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Title: A Finite-Element Model for Simulation of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Herein, we present a coupled thermal-hydro-mechanical model for geological sequestration of carbon dioxide followed by the stress, deformation, and shear-slip failure analysis. This fully coupled model considers the geomechanical response, fluid flow, and thermal transport relevant to geological sequestration. Both analytical solutions and numerical approach via finite element model are introduced for solving the thermal-hydro-mechanical model. Analytical solutions for pressure, temperature, deformation, and stress field were obtained for a simplified typical geological sequestration scenario. The finite element model is more general and can be used for arbitrary geometry. It was built on an open-source finite element code, Elmer, and was designed to simulate the entire period of CO2 injection (up to decades) both stably and accurately—even for large time steps. The shear-slip failure analysis was implemented based on the numerical results from the finite element model. The analysis reveals the potential failure zone caused by the fluid injection and thermal effect. From the simulation results, the thermal effect is shown to enhance well injectivity, especially at the early time of the injection. However, it also causes some side effects, such as the appearance of a small failure zone in the caprock. The coupled thermal-hydro-mechanical model improves prediction of displacement, stressmore » distribution, and potential failure zone compared to the model that neglects non-isothermal effects, especially in an area with high geothermal gradient.« less
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Environmental Geotechnics, 1(3):152-160
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Richland, WA (US)
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United States
geological sequestration; geomechanics; thermal-hydro-mechanical; analytical solution; finite element analysis; failure analysis