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Title: Hanford Double-Shell Tank AY-102 Radioactive Waste Leak Investigation Update - 15302

Tank AY-102 was the first of 28 double-shell radioactive waste storage tanks constructed at the U. S. Department of Energy’s Hanford Site, near Richland, WA. The tank was completed in 1970, and entered service in 1971. In August, 2012, an accumulation of material was discovered at two sites on the floor of the annulus that separates the primary tank from the secondary liner. The material was sampled and determined to originate from the primary tank. This paper summarizes the changes in leak behavior that have occurred during the past two years, inspections to determine the capability of the secondary liner to continue safely containing the leakage, and the initial results of testing to determine the leak mechanism.
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TOC-PRES-14-3311-FP Rev 0
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Conference: WM2015 Waste Management Symposium 03/15/2015 Phoenix, AZ
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Hanford Site (HNF), Richland, WA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Environmental Management (EM)
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Washington River Protection Solutions LLC, Department of Energy - Office of River Protection
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United States