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Title: Energy Keepers Incorporated, U.S. Department of Energy Tribal Energy Program Award #DE-EE0005040 Final Report December 2014

This project aimed at supporting one key component of a major multi-step undertaking on the part of the CSKT: the acquisition of the Kerr Hydroelectric project and its subsequent operation as a wholesale power generation facility. This project provided support to kick-start the development of the organizational structure to acquire and operate the facility by acquiring critical expertise necessary for the acquisition by funding in part two key personnel for the first two years of the four-year organizational development process. These individuals provided the Tribes with expert knowledge in the highly specialized areas of resource balancing, power marketing, and hydro-engineering; essential prerequisites to the Tribes' ability to build an organization for the operation of the Kerr Project and to securing financial backing for the acquisition. Goals achieved:   • Establishing an efficient and economic conveyance process, and transition plans • Establishing an efficient and effective Tribal wholesale power generation corporation to manage the plant, balance the resources, and market the power from the Kerr Project. The success of this project, which is essential to the Tribes' acquisition of the Kerr Hydroelectric facility, helps to address poverty and unemployment among Tribal members by generating a number of highly skilled and specialized,more » high-paying Tribal member jobs and providing a stream of income from power sales that will be used for Tribal economic development. Objectives achieved: The project supported the position of Power Plant Operations and Maintenance engineer and power marketing coordinator positions. These are key, in part, to the Tribes' successful acquisition and operation of the facility because they will enable to the Tribes to gain the very specialized expertise required to operate a large wholesale power generation facility. Specific objectives include: Objective 1: Hire a power marketing coordinator to develop and coordinate the appropriate power marketing strategy for the sale of power generated by the operation of Kerr Dam. Objective 2: Hire a staff engineer.« less
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DE_EE0005040_Final Narrative.pdf
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Technical Report
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Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
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USDOE Tribal Energy Program
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Energy Keepers Incorporated
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United States
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