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Title: Subcellular localization of the magnetosome protein MamC in the marine magnetotactic bacterium Magnetococcus marinus strain MC-1 using immunoelectron microscopy

Magnetotactic bacteria are a diverse group of prokaryotes that biomineralize intracellular magnetosomes, composed of magnetic (Fe3O4) crystals each enveloped by a lipid bilayer membrane that contains proteins not found in other parts of the cell. Although partial roles of some of these magnetosome proteins have been determined, the roles of most have not been completely elucidated, particularly in how they regulate the biomineralization process. While studies on the localization of these proteins have been focused solely on Magnetospirillum species, the goal of the present study was to determine, for the first time, the localization of the most abundant putative magnetosome membrane protein, MamC, in Magnetococcus marinus strain MC-1. MamC was expressed in Escherichia coli and purified. Monoclonal antibodies were produced against MamC and immunogold labeling TEM was used to localize MamC in thin sections of cells of M. marinus. Results show that MamC is located only in the magnetosome membrane of Mc. marinus. Based on our findings and the abundance of this protein, it seems likely that it is important in magnetosome biomineralization and might be used in controlling the characteristics of synthetic nanomagnetite.
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  1. Universidad de Granada
  2. Laboratorio de Estudios Cristalograficos
  3. Ohio State University
  4. Ames Laboratory
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IS-J 8440
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Archives of Microbiology; Journal Volume: 196; Journal Issue: 7
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Ames Laboratory (AMES), Ames, IA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC)
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE Magnetosome; Magnetotactic bacteria; MamC; Magnetococus marinus