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Title: CAS-NETL-PNNL CEP Program Final Report

This collaborative joint research project is in the area of advanced gasification and conversion, within the CAS-NETL-PNNL Memorandum of Understanding. The goal is the development and testing of an integrated warm syngas cleanup process. This effort is focused on an advanced, integrated system for capture and removal of alkali, sulfur, PH3, AsH3, chloride, and CO2, leading to a future process demonstration at a CAS gasification facility. Syngas produced by gasification can be used for production of fuels (Fischer-Tropsch, SNG, mixed alcohols), chemicals (MeOH, NH3), and hydrogen for fuel cells and IGCC. To employ this syngas, especially for synthesis reactions, contained impurities must be removed to sub-ppmv levels [1]. Commercially available approaches to remove contaminant species suffer from inefficiencies, employing solvents at ambient or lower temperature along with backup sacrificial sorbents, whereas syngas utilization occurs at higher temperatures. The efficiency and economics syngas utilization can be significantly improved if all the contaminants and CO2 are removed at temperatures higher than the chemical synthesis reaction temperatures (> 250 °C) [2].
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Technical Report
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Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
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United States
warm syngas; cleanup; capture; sulpher; alkali; gasification