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Title: Enhanced metal loading in SBA-15-type catalysts facilitated by salt addition. Synthesis, characterization and catalytic epoxide alcoholysis activity of molybdenum incorporated porous silica

We report a novel method to increase the metal loading in SBA-15 silica matrix via direct synthesis. It was demonstrated through the synthesis and characterization of a series of molybdenum containing SBA-15 mesoporous silica catalysts prepared with and without diammonium hydrogen phosphate (DHP) as an additive. Catalysts prepared with DHP show a 2–3 times increase in incorporation of molybdenum in the silica matrix and pore size enlargement. The synthesized catalysts were characterized using nitrogen sorption, X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and inductively coupled plasma–optical emission spectroscopy (ICP–OES). The catalytic activity of catalysts prepared with DHP for alcoholysis of epoxides was superior than the catalyst prepared without DHP. Alcoholysis of epoxides was demonstrated for a range of alcohols and epoxides under ambient conditions in as little as 30 min with high selectivity.
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  1. Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States); Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO (United States)
  2. Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States)
  3. Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO (United States)
  4. Iowa State Univ., Ames, IA (United States); Ames Lab., Ames, IA (United States)
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IS-J 8233
Journal ID: ISSN 0926-860X
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Journal Article
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Journal Name: Applied Catalysis. A, General; Journal Volume: 475
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Ames Laboratory (AMES), Ames, IA (United States)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC)
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United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; SBA-15; Alcoholysis; Epoxide; Molybdenum; Salt effect